Elijah Kirk  Circus Artist


 Description Of Number 

Life is like a race, there is a starting line and a finish line with many obstacles along the way. There are both big and small challenges, and it is often the greatest ones that knock us down. When we have fallen, we can choose to stay down or get back up and finish the race. 

Elijah shows this reality of life in his german wheel number "The Race". Through acrobatic maneuvers and feats of strength, he challenges himself to push through all the adversities he faces. 

Elijah does not only challenge himself through physical tasks. He also pushes himself to connect with his audiences by showing vulnerability. He does not hide his fatigue, or shy away from showing that he is human. This is one of the principles he uses that creates a raw and authentic atmosphere that displays who he is from beginning to end.

This relatable part of life that everyone has experienced makes Elijah's number enjoyable for a wide range of audiences. No matter what age you are or what background you have, everyone can take something from "The Race".


About Me

German Wheel, Floor Acrobatics, Unicycle and Cyr Wheel.

Elijah Kirk was not originally from the world of circus. He came from other athletics such as motor cross, competitive mountain biking and wheel gymnastics. None the less, Elijah had a strong gravitation to unorthodox ways of moving and quickly picked up on unicycle and acrobatics alongside his other activities. At age 16 Elijah was invited by the USA wheel gymnastics coach to tryout for the team. He made the team and competed at worlds later that year. From there Elijah made a choice to pursue his attraction to learning unique skills, and started dedicating his training to audition at Enc. In 2018 Elijah auditioned and was accepted into Enc's Dec program as a german wheel specialist.

Since Elijah has trained at Enc he has developed both himself as an artiste and his discipline german wheel. He has strived to push gym wheel in new directions that has never been done before by adding more acrobatics and strength elements. 

Elijah hopes to give the circus world a new and innovative take on german wheel, that will engage his audiences with amazement.


Technical Needs

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I am adaptable and always ready to adjust for any performance opportunity!


I can do small or large venues. I can work solo or in group collaborations. I can make changes to my number to best fit whatever atmosphere the venue needs.


Get in touch with me if you like what you see. I would love to create something with you!


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